Fresno Fire Station No. 3 – Fresno CA


This firehouse was constructed by the PWA in 1938:

“Constructed in 1938 (the oldest fire station in the Fresno Metropolitan area) and located at 1406 Fresno Street near E Street, Station No. 3 houses an engine, a 121-foot aerial ladder truck, and a water tender (staffed as needed ). Station No. 3 is known affectionately as The Rock by those who work there, (referring to the unique cast in a single block of concrete construction of the building). Station No. 3 has been placed on the State Registry of Historical buildings. Originally built to house 32 firefighters, this cavernous block of a firehouse is now the home to a crew of eight. It is one of two stations in the Fresno Fire Department that still have functional brass poles. Scheduled for demolition and replacement several times over her long and colored existence, Station No. 3 is currently enjoying a renaissance of sorts with a coalition having been formed between the firefighters and The Chinatown Redevelopment Association. Using the funds raised by an annual Jazz festival put on by the two organizations, some much needed repairs and renovations have taken place the past few years, ensuring that this proud flagship of the Fire Department will continue to serve the people of Fresno for many years to come. In fact, far from being ready to retire, Station No.3 is the busiest fire station in the San Joaquin Valley.”

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Building plaque

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Location Info

1406-1430 Fresno St.
Fresno, CA 93706

Location notes:

Coordinates: 36.732096, -119.797517

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