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The University of Mississippi made application to the Public Works Administration September 7, 1935 for grants to help construct five fraternity houses and two sorority houses. Funds in the amount of $2,000 for each structure were requested from PWA, and the university would fund the remaining $3,000 per building.The university requested $45,454 for fraternity and sorority houses according to a separate Clarion-Ledger article.Architects began drawing up plans for the first of ten sorority and fraternity houses, and the establishment of “fraternity row” after being notified funds had been obtained reported architect E. L. Malvaney. Work was ordered to begin on the Chi Omega home, and was ordered to set a limit of $6,000 per structure.Bids were advertised June 1936 to construct the ten new buildings, including plumbing and heating for the amount of $50,000.The Tau chapter of Chi Omega was completed in April 1937. Water, sewer, and steam lines to the fraternity and sorority houses were authorized April 28, 1937 while the houses were under construction.New fraternity and sorority houses were completed and students moved in for fall semester 1937.The Mississippi Department of Archives and History lists 8 fraternities and sororities that have a completion date of 1936. PWA project W1141 for University Residences was a grant of $28,800 and total estimated cost of $61,354 approved 3-13.1936 and bids advertised July 1936 fits time frames in the news reports. None of the buildings are extant as far as can be determined.

Source notes

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Fraternity Row
University, MS 38677

Coordinates: 34.3642374, -89.5421584

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