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According to a 1935 report of the New Hampshire Forestry Commission, the New Deal assisted in the initial development of the Caroline A. Fox Research and Demonstration Forest (Fox Forest) which has been the State of New Hampshire’s forest research station since 1933. The forest was a gift to New Hampshire from Miss Caroline Fox of Arlington, Massachusetts. Miss Fox spent her summers on the property and had an interest in forest management issues. Presently the forest contains 1,445 acres, the Henry I. Baldwin Forestry Education Center and a farm house/office. Fox Forest Research Research has been focused in two directions, (1) international forest genetics experiments (provenance trials) and (2) applied research focused on local forest management issues.

Work performed included:

– construction of sample plots by the CCC to study stand improvement and methods of planting.
– 200 cords of wood cut by a CWA crew in the winter of 1933-34 in order to distribute to the needy in Hillsboro and coincidentally a CCC crew from the Pillsbury camp covered 32.25 acres with improvement cuttings.
– 3/4 miles of truck trails and several miles of sled roads were built to get cut wood to nearby roads for pickup by CCC and relief crews.
– Relief crews planted 34,550 trees in the spring of 1934 and CCC crews set out 1,500 trees in the fall of 1934.
– Fox research staff gave lectures and forestry courses at all NH CCC camps in fall1933.

Source notes

State of NH Biennial Report of the Forestry Commission for the fiscal years ending June 30 1933-34

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on April 27, 2017.

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Location Info

312 Center Rd.
Hillsboro, NH 03244

Coordinates: 43.137857, -71.913591

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