Fish Lake CCC Side Camp (former) – Willamette National Forest OR


A Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) side camp, also known as spike camp, operated at Fish Lake in the Willamette National Forest during the from 1934 to 1939. Side or spike camps allowed the CCC to locate its workers closer to their job sites on special projects and forest fighting.

In the case of the Fish Lake CCC camp, workers from CCC Camp Mary Creek (Company 2907) and CCC Camp Belknap (Company 927) were moved to the area during the construction season to improve the operation of the Fish Lake Guard Station for its packing operation. This involved building additional corral space and other structures necessary for handling an increased number of mules. During their time at Fish Lake, CCC workers added six structures. In addition to that assignment, they helped build the picnic pavilion at nearby Clear Lake, the Santiam Pass Ski Lodge, area roads and trails as well as fight fires.

Local Experienced Men (LEM), a CCC program term, instructed enrollees in carpentry and masonry construction. Workers from Co. 2907/Camp Mary Creek became known for their skills in carpentry, while Co. 297/Camp Belknap workers were known for their finish carpentry skills.


Source notes

Turner, David & Rolf Anderson (2022) Fish Lake in the High Cascades: A Historic Legacy. Junction City OR: Paw Print.

Project originally submitted by Judith T Kenny on September 1, 2022.
Additional contributions by Jim Reed.

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Location Info

Highway 126
McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

Location notes: The CCC side, or spike, camp was located at the Fish Lake Guard Station. That site is also known as the Fish Lake Remount Depot.

Coordinates: 44.410616718154614, -122.01022421142542

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