Elmwood Sanatorium – Fort Worth TX


Elmwood was a tuberculosis sanatorium located at 2805 Kimbo, Fort Worth. The building has been demolished.

The sanatorium was a joint project of the City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County with partial funding coming through the PWA. It was designed by Preston Geren and constructed by Quisle and Andrews at a total cost of $101,733 without equipment. It opened in 1937.

Source notes

Preston Geren, "Elmwood Sanatorium in Ft. Worth," Architectural Concrete, Vol 3, #3 [c. 1937]. 

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2805 Kimbo
Forth Worth , TX 76111 ‎

Location notes: The building has either been torn down or encased within a county correctional facility that stands at the location.

Coordinates: 32.7968445, -97.30394189999998

9 comments on “Elmwood Sanatorium – Fort Worth TX

  1. John from Texas

    I am fairly sure the building has been demolished. It sat just a bit east of the juvenile facility there on Kimbo road. There were actually two buildings…one was an older two story wooden facility that we called an “old folks home.” And the other was a brick one story facility used for the sicker patients. When my dad would take me there to visit the “old folks” and the sick, it was no longer a tuberculosis facility. That would be in the mid-50s.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Thank you for passing along this important information. We’ve edited our entry accordingly.

  2. Bill Sloan

    Is there any way to know about a particular patient who might have been there for the treatment of tuberculosis? This would have been in 1913 and she possibly died in that facility.

  3. I remember that place I’ve spent a year there,
    after I left they closed it down, I’ve always wondered what happened to that place

  4. My mother was a Black nurse there in 1968 all of my family members work there they were cooks , yard workers . I remember it well. I have photos from my mother photo book.

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