Eastern Sierra Nevada Improvements – CCC Camp Galena – Washoe County NV


“As the demise of the CCC program neared, the Forest Service escalated CCC work along the eastern Sierra Nevada, in western Nevada. Still, the program at Camp Galena was modest in comparison to the large programs at Camps Paradise, Lamoille, and Charleston Mountain…The men of Camp Galena (assisted by the WPA) built a ski hut on Galena Creek, a ski trail for the University of Nevada ski team, and a stone fish hatchery at Galena State Park. A mobile spike camp in Verdi installed check dams to control bank erosion and construct drift fences along the California-Nevada state line in Dog Valley. As a final assignment, the camp was responsible for constructing and operating the CCC Central Repair Shop on East Second Street in Reno. Although a Forest Service project, the facility was built to service CCC vehicles from all agencies. With a twenty-man staff, it was reputedly one of the best-equipped CCC machine shops in the country. Years later, the land on East Second Street was sold to the Washoe Medical Center.”

–The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada

Source notes

Renee Corona Kolvet and Victoria Ford, The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada: From Boys to Men. University of Nevada Press, 2006. Pgs. 128-129.

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Location Info

Camp Galena

Location notes: The mapped point represents the estimated location of Camp Galena. CCC enrollees worked on several projects in the surrounding area.

Coordinates: 39.363551200, -119.851162400

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