Domestic Relations Court Building (former) – New York NY


The federal Public Works Administration provided a grant toward the construction of the Domestic Relations Court Building located at the northeast corner of Lexington Ave. and 22nd St. Built in 1939-1940, the building now houses Baruch College’s Administrative Center and features a striking set of exterior reliefs above the first floor.

The facility has also been referred to the “Second Children’s Court”.

GothamCenter: “The Children’s Court’s new home, built in 1912, was the first of two courthouses to be located on East 22nd Street between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue South, a quiet residential block near Gramercy Park.  The second “Gramercy Park courthouse” was built in 1940 adjacent to the Children’s Court to house the Domestic Relations Court.  (The Domestic Relations Court had been created in 1932 to assume the jurisdiction of the Children’s Court and the Family Court—not to be confused with the Family Court of broader jurisdiction created in 1962.)  The adjacent courthouses would retain their judicial function until 1975, when they relocated to the new Family Court courthouse on Lafayette Street.  In 1981, both courthouses were incorporated into the Baruch College campus, the main building of which is around the corner on 23rd Street and Lexington Avenue.”

Source notes

Plaque, local sources

The New York Times: "COURT STONE TO BE LAID; Ceremony Set for Tomorrow at Domestic Relations Center," June 25, 1939

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Location Info

135 E 22nd St.
New York, NY 10010

Coordinates: 40.738844, -73.984937

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