Dixie Springs Lake – Summit MS

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The Dixie Springs Lake was one of the first projects initiated in Pike County by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Work began in early November 1935 when 20 men began clearing the site. Efforts were made for early completion of the Dixie Springs Lake project, which was also sponsored by the State Game and Fish Commission and would serve as a refuge for waterfowl and for fish breeding. Engineer J. Wesley Brown completed the survey and plans for the Dixie Springs dam and lake project. After a number of delays, the spillway was almost completed by 1939. Dixie Springs Lake was expected to be completed by fall if weather permitted and at completion would cover 175 acres, 20 feet deep at the dam. The concrete spillway was under construction and the solid earth dam was wide enough for a roadway. Charles Cook was in charge of the WPA labor project. The Dixie Springs Lake was opened for fishing October 1, 1940.

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Location Info

3094-3112 US-51
Summit, Mississippi 39666

Location notes: Near Johnston Station community

Coordinates: 31.2741531, -90.4709383

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