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Prior to the construction of I-94, Crystal Springs North Dakota was a mandatory stop for many early motorists traveling down old U.S. Highway 10, the state’s first Highway. The Crystal Springs Fountain is located about one mile northeast of Crystal Springs. Motorists could not only find a place to stretch their legs but could also dip into the cool clear water of the springs to quench their thirst and cool their radiators. The fountain was fed by an artesian well. The water would collect in the top part of the structure and trickle down to an open drinking fountain. The fountain replaced an old iron pipe from which travelers would obtain water. The Crystal Springs fountain as we know it was constructed of local fieldstone by stonemason Art Geisler in 1935.

According to a 1936 edition of the Kidder County Press, ”Beautification of North Dakota’s highways was one of the projects put thru with federal money last year by the state highway department.” Construction of the fountain was funded by the state highway department under the Works Progress Administration.”

In 2010 the Crystal Springs Fountain was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located near Crystal Springs Lake along old Highway 10 along with the remains of an old gas station. Prior to the construction of I-94, many travelers remember bringing glass jugs to fill with water for the long ride home.

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Sabrina Hornung on August 5, 2019.

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Location Info

Crystal Springs, North Dakota 58467

Location notes: The fountain is near the Crystal Springs exit on I-94, close to a mile from town on old Highway 10.

Coordinates: 46.8783187, -99.47566519999998

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