Crocker Amazon Playground and Recreation Center – San Francisco CA


“It started out in 1933 as the Crocker Amazon Reservoir site, 55 acres at Geneva Avenue and Moscow Street belonging to the Public Utilities Commission. In 1934, the Recreation Commission requested and received permission to develop the property for recreational purposes, and truck farmers, who had been working the land, were paid for their leases. The Recreation Commission leased 42 acres for $150 per month. From 1934-1937, workers from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) developed the playground, grading the baseball diamonds and installing a sprinkler system.”

‘(42 Acres) Geneva Avenue and Moscow Street. … Excavation and placing in embankment 21,000 cubic yards of earth and 13,000 cubic yards rock; hauled from stockpile 21,000 cubic yards of loam and spread over area to depth of 6 inches; installed 23,050 feet of water pipe with proper fittings to constitute sprinkler system; layed [sic] rock base for 1,500 lineal feet of paths, 8 feet wide; surfaced 132,960 square feet of paths and resurfaced 22,300 square feet of drives; constructed 15,455 lineal feet of rock gutters, 6000 square feet of log retaining walls, 72 rock steps and coping, 50 lineal feet of rubble wall, 112 lineal feet of 8 inch culvert; surfaced 21,600 square feet of tennis courts; erected 13,590 square feet of standard link fence; installed irrigation system; graded two small playgrounds; constructed 18,900 square feet of artificial stone sidewalks, spread 1,000 cubic yards of loam; planted shrubs and reconditioned an existing convenience station. This great improvement provides 11 baseball diamonds to play 33 games on a Sunday or holiday. The grandstands will seat 15,000 people. In one corner of the field there are six tennis courts and two basketball courts for neighborhood playground use.’–Healy, p. 61-62

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Source notes

Healy, Clyde E. San Francisco Improved: Report of Clyde E. Healy, Assistant City Engineer - City of San Francisco and Coordinator of W.P.A. Projects, Period October 10, 1935 to August 31, 1939. San Francisco : [s.n.]., 1939.

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Location Info

Moscow & Italy Sts.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Location notes: Geneva Ave. and Moscow St.

Coordinates: 37.713000, -122.430000

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