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Coronado Heights is a hill northwest of Lindsborg, Kansas. It is alleged to be near the place where Francisco Vasquez de Coronado gave up his search for the seven cities of gold and turned around to return to Mexico.

In 1915 a professor at Bethany College in Lindsborg, found chain mail from Spanish armor at an Indian village excavation site a few miles southwest of present Coronado Heights[1] and another Bethany College professor promoted the name of Coronado Heights for the hill. In 1936, a stone shelter resembling a castle was built on top of the hill as a project of the Works Progress Administration.

The hill is now Coronado Heights Park, owned by the Smoky Valley Historical Association. The view at the top of the hill is spectacular and people on the top can see for miles. In the Spring and Summer there are wildflowers in bloom on the hill. Many visitors have carved their names or initials in the soft Dakota Formation sandstone at the summit.”

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Coronado Heights Road
Lindsborg, KS 67456

Coordinates: 38.61344411423323, -97.7031453614685

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  1. Thomas Charles Benefiel

    This is one of the most forgotten and impressive WPA projects. I’m astonished at the apathy towards this landmark. Currently being cared for by a local group, the site continues to erode, lost to time and abuse.

    The “castle” is built upon the highest hill in the area and surrounded by the Smokey hills of the area. Using a particular volcanic rock presumably from a quarry near? Beautiful and significantly the masonry structures, bares descriptions described in our national anthem. Why this project was chosen, seemingly so frivolous? Coronado Heights was chose when so much else was needed. The effort and money to build this structure,roadways and facilities! Yes they made picnic areas with stove areas and restrooms! All of which, now are in various stages of decay.

    This site marks Coranado’s most northern point of his explorations looking for the city’s of gold that was promised by natives. The struggle to get to this point so early in the historical significance of the European conquest, is incredible and untruthfully told. There is written historical diaries which cover the daily sites and struggles the conquistadors went through. The native population was a significant part of their survival. The tale turns fatal for many as the continued struggle most likely wore thin on the tribes being exploited at the European mindset of the period. They were chased back with battles coming daily. Truly a story to be told.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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