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For years, a territorial-style two-story building has stood as an unofficial sentry into the Barelas neighborhood at Fourth Street coming from Downtown. Until 1975, it was an elementary school that had been built by the Public Works Administration as part of the New Deal that eventually was too small for the hordes of neighborhood children. And until recently, it housed Albuquerque Public Schools administrators and records, as transients patrolled the nearby streets searching for local soup kitchens. Come August, the freshly scrubbed and modernized Coronado Elementary at 601 Fourth SW will again house students to accommodate an increased demand for Downtown classrooms…

Built in 1937 at a cost of $125,410, Coronado replaced an earlier “Third Ward School” thought to be among the earliest, if not the first, in the city.” (

“A number of other APS buildings were built, remodeled, or had additions built as the result of this source of this [WPA] source of funding. Likewise adjacent school playgrounds, ball fields, etc. were also created. The schools include Armijo, Coronado, Duranes, Five Points School, La Mesa, Lincoln, Los Candelarias, Pajarito, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and Stronghurst. For specific information on each of these refer to the Albuquerque Museum Monograph written by Charles Biebel.”

-Treasures on New Mexico Trails

Source notes

Flynn, Kathryn A., editor. Treasures on New Mexico Trails: discovery of New Deal art and architecture. New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division, 1995. Pg. 34.

"New Deal Sites in New Mexico," Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, New Mexico Humanities Council.

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Location Info

601 4th St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Location notes:

Coordinates: 35.079230, -106.653227

3 comments on “Coronado Elementary School – Albuquerque NM

  1. mo palmer

    coronado replaced the THIRD ward school

    • Alex Tarr

      Mo, thank you for the correction, I’ve updated the entry.

  2. the coronado school replaced the old third ward school not the fourth ward. fourth ward was where lew wallace elementary is now

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