Coolidge Senior High School – Washington DC


Coolidge Senior High School in northwest Washington DC was built in 1938-40 with federal aid to the District of Columbia Education Department.  

An appropriation of $350,000 was made by Congress in 1937 to the District Commissioners (the municipal government).  Since the full cost of the school building was $1,500,000, additional funds must have come from Congress, the District or the Public Works Administration (PWA).  More information is needed on this.

Coolidge High School was built to relieve crowding at Theodore Roosevelt High School, on property that the District of Columbia had purchased five years before.  Some local citizens associations wanted to name the school for Calvin Coolidge, while other residents preferred Northern High School to fit with existing named Eastern, Western, and Central HS.  Those favoring Coolidge won out.

After the Board of Education proposed a two-story brick school with a flat roof, local citizens protested in favor of the Colonial/Georgian Revival style of nearby Roosevelt High School.  District of Columbia Architect Nathan C. Wyeth changed the design to Georgian revival style, with three stories, pitched roof, and cupola.  Jeffress-Dryer Inc. won the bid and construction began in 1938.  Construction was completed in February 1940.

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes,_D.C.)


Project originally submitted by Richard A Walker on February 19, 2020.

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Location Info

5th and Tuckerman Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20011

Coordinates: 38.9677, -77.0191

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