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“The year 1938 is most remembered for the devastating hurricane and subsequent floods, but this was also the year steps were taken that resulted in a new library building being built. Although an urgent need for expanded library facilities had been felt for some time, the matter did not come to a head until the State of New Hampshire started condemnation proceedings to acquire the library property to make way for the State House Annex. Fortunately, sufficient funds were made available from the condemnation award, various library construction trusts and a federal PWA grant to finance at no direct cost to the city the acquisition of a new site, the construction of the library and the purchase of necessary library equipment. Due to the construction of the State House Annex, the library needed to vacate the Fowler Library Building. In keeping with the development of the Civic Square, the city government approved the selection of a site for the new library adjacent to City Hall on Green Street. Ground was broken in August of 1938, and January 29, 1940 was set as the date for the opening of 22 library service in the new building. In December 1939, an electric charging machine for giving out books was installed and it was reported that it was the first to be used in New Hampshire. The new library building opened in January 1940. It cost approximately $250,000 to build, had open stacks (45,452 books with 10,000 in the open stacks), a room for high school students, and three study rooms on the second floor that were well-ventilated and soundproof.”

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Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on May 14, 2014.

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Location Info

45 Green Street
Concord, NH 03301

Coordinates: 43.2067033, -71.54035640000001

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