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The Clinton Federal Building (north) was originally the US Post Office Department headquarters, completed under the New Deal in 1934.  It contains a wealth of New Deal artworks commissioned and paid for by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts: 25 murals and 22 sculptural elements (12 bas-reliefs, 2 statues, 8 wood medallions).

Alfred D. Crimi painted two large (7′ x 13.5′) frescoes for the Post Office building in 1937: “Transportation of Mail” and “Post Office Work Room”.  They are located on the 4th floor of the south wing of the building.

Sarah Gordon notes that: “Crimi, an experienced fresco painter who trained in Italy, spent an average of fourteen hours per day in the Post Office Department building, planning his composition and applying his pigments to the wet plaster, and he worked up to eighteen hours per day when rain and high humidity caused the plaster to set more slowly. During the time he spent painting, Crimi recorded many interactions with postal workers, executives, inspectors, messenger boys, and salesmen, who commented, questioned, and challenged his work.”

The building is presently occupied by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and  is not freely open to the public. To arrange for a tour of the New Deal murals, email [email protected].  

Source notes  (by Sarah Gordon)


Project originally submitted by New Deal Art Registry on July 11, 2014.
Additional contributions by Richard A Walker.

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Location Info

350 12th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Coordinates: 38.8937, -77.0289

2 comments on “Clinton Federal Building: Crimi Murals – Washington DC

  1. Phyllis Whitley

    One of Crimi’s murals was in the old post office in
    D.C. – now the Trump Hotel. Is it still there in the building? If not -What happened to that mural?

    • Gabriel Milner

      What is now called the Old Post Office building is not the Clinton building where the New Deal artworks are found. They face each other across 12th street.

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