Civilian Conservation Corps Barracks, Tony Grove – Logan Canyon UT


In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built barracks near Tony Grove in Logan Canyon, Utah. The structures were initially in built to house CCC workers and later used as Utah State University’s (USU) Forestry Field Station Camp. A special use permit was issued for the use of the camp by the USU in the spring of 1936 by the Forest Service. The facility includes two cabins. The first structure served as the “administration building” with a kitchen and wood-pipe stove, bathrooms, and beds. The second structure served as a classroom and it included bunk beds. As of January 2016, the USU planned to demolish two cabins up Logan Canyon, after the expiration of its permit with the U.S. Forest Service-Logan Ranger District in March of the same year.

Source notes

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New Deal left local legacy,

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Logan Canyon

Coordinates: 41.74206387733879, -111.76762825267639

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