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Architect John Reilly designed plans to rebuild the Easton City Hall, March 7, 1933, following damage by fire in December 1932. City Council approved application to Civil Works Administration December 1933. Construction began in January 1934. Work on CWA funded projects was suspended in late February, but resumed on the city hall project April 3, 1934 when the men were called back to work. Work was temporarily halted, and again resumed in May when the city hall project was ordered to proceed at 100 percent capacity. By August, progress was reported behind schedule because only a small amount of funds for labor were allowed each month and work was again halted due to funding appropriation expended. The City Council resumed the work at cost to the city because the partially completed roof was leaking and damaging the interior. Work was finally resumed in mid-October. In July 1935 all projects in Northampton County were shut down until they could be reapproved under the new WPA setup with the exception of the Easton city hall. The city hall, which had been delayed for two years due to “weather and red tape” (mostly delays in funding) was permitted for completion because little work remained. The project was finally completed in January 1936.

The structure has since been demolished and replaced.

Source notes

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Location Info

650 Ferry Street
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Coordinates: 40.6891769, -75.215441

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