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Characterized by its Art Deco architectural style, Fairfield City Hall still serves as the seat of city government.  It was remodeled in the early 1990s, and the only interior touches of its Art Deco architectural style are the decorative arches over the doorways.  This building received funding from both the city of Fairfield and the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  Mayor Claude Gilley proposed the idea to the city council, and the city purchased the land in April 1941.  The city of Fairfield secured WPA funding in June.  E.B. Van Keuren served as the architect, and construction began July 1st.  The project was to cost approximately $165,000.  However, construction reached a standstill by the end of 1941 as thousands of WPA workers were laid off.  The city of Fairfield struggled to secure workers and come up with excess funds to cover the gap left by the WPA workers.  Fairfield City Hall officially opened in 1945.

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Location Info

4701 Gary Ave.
Fairfield, AL 35064

Coordinates: 33.4913323, -86.91545300000001

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