Charter Way Railroad Underpass – Stockton CA


Stockton, California’s Charter Way railroad underpass was constructed with the aid of federal funds during the Great Depression. The underpass is still in use today.

“At Charter Way, U. S, 50, crossed at grade a total of eight separate railroad tracks, one of the [former] Western Pacific and seven of the [former] Southern Pacific, all within a distance of five hundred feet. Design studies were made to determine the most satisfactory structure for the problems involved, which included the separation of the highway and eight railroad tracks and the maintenance of accessibility to adjoining improved property. To this end an undergrade crossing which would carry highway traffic under the railroad tracks was selected.

The crossing consists of a depressed portion 1072 feet 6 inches long, providing two 22-f00t roadways separated by a 3-f00t safety curb and two 4-foot pedestrian sidewalks, all flanked with retaining walls running the length of the depressed portion. Reinforced concrete construction was used throughout with the exception of the spans carrying the railroad tracks over the highway which were made of steel.

The total construction cost for the underpass is approximately $310,000 including the cost of engineering. This project was financed from the Federal Works Program Grade Separation funds. The subway was constructed by the State Division of Highways under contract awarded to Willard, Biasotti, Rocca & Company. All necessary right of way for the project was furnished by the city of Stockton, financed from the city’s 1/4 ¢ gas tax and other city funds.”

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

By R. E. PIERCE, District Engineer in the May 1937 issue of California Highway and Public Works magazine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on January 6, 2015.

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Location Info

930 E Charter Way
Stockton, CA 94206

Coordinates: 37.941027, -121.273767

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