Charles S. Farnsworth Park – Altadena CA


Originally known as Altadena Park, this community park sits on land originally purchased by Los Angeles County in 1921 for use as a nursery. After Los Angeles developed nurseries elsewhere, the land became available for its future public use. The park’s name was changed in 1939 to honor Farnsworth’s efforts to bring park plans to fruition. Currently, the park is a National Historic Register district (site #97000027).

“This beautiful park is located at the top of North Lake Avenue offering a beautiful view of the Los Angeles skyline. In the 1930’s, General Charles S. Farnsworth, a retired war veteran and local resident for whom the park was later named, encouraged and supported the use of the property as a park. In 1931, another distinguished Altadena resident, William D. Davis, for whom the community building was named, organized a board to construct and manage the proposed community building… The depression-era agency, Works Progress Administration (WPA), furnished labor using local unemployed, providing jobs and hope for Altadena residents.” Another New Deal project- the William Davies Memorial Building- is a prominent feature of this park.


Note: While sources cite the WPA, the agency was not established until 1935. 1933-4 efforts may have been undertaken by a predecessor agency, the Civil Works Administration (CWA), or the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA).

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Location Info

568 East Mount Curve Ave.
Altadena, CA 91001

Coordinates: 34.200520, -118.132296

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