Charles R. Adams Park – Atlanta GA


Charles R. Adams Park is a 32-acre public city park located in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. The park is surrounded by the neighborhood of Cascade Heights. Construction of the park began in the mid-1930s, and the dedication ceremony took place in 1940. The park used county funds, federal relief money and Works Progress Administration labor to construct many of the facilities and landscape features. William L. Monroe, Sr., a noted Atlanta landscaper, is credited with the design.

“The property consists of a 32-acre designed landscape including passive greenspace, a lake and stream, and active recreational and community facilities. The naturalistic landscape design makes use of curvilinear paths, dramatic vistas, and rustic materials to evoke the rural aesthetic common to other public parks from the period. Hardscape features include stone walls, stairs, paths, bridges, culverts, and urns constructed of granite from local quarries. The centerpiece is a shaded canyon-like area with picnic shelters (some constructed of large logs), stone grills, and a stream with large boulders. A flatter adjacent area features a two-acre lake with an embankment and a small island reached by a stone bridge.”

Adams Park was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on January 14, 2013. The former Cascade Community Center (1936) is included in the listing.

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Location Info

1690 Delowe Dr
Atlanta, Georgia 30311

Coordinates: 33.706439, -84.457421

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