Rosedale Cemetery Chapel – Ada OK

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“This is a most unusual example of WPA construction – the use of petrified wood. We noted several buildings in this area of Oklahoma which used petrified wood. Apparently, the local topographical circumstances lead to availability of this type of preserved wood.


“This chapel is still in use and was constructed in 1935. In 1965, a carport facility was attached on the north to serve with cemetery maintenance.


“The chapel is constructed of native stones. The front of the building, however, has been overlaid with chunks of petrified wood. The centered entrance is recessed under a covered portico. The one-over-one windows (some with decorative iron insets) appear to be more recent, as well as the composition shingle roof.”

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Project originally submitted by hamquilter on August 22, 2016.

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Rosedale Cemetery
Ada, OK 74820

Coordinates: 34.790771, -96.687419

One comment on “Rosedale Cemetery Chapel – Ada OK

  1. T Moshier

    The first person buried on the land that became Rosedale cemetery in Ada, Oklahoma was
    Lucetta (McClure) McDaniels, died Dec 13, 1904. She was married to William Bill McDaniels. They had seven children. Lucetta was my Great Grandmother. Lucetta and William donated the acreage for Rosedale Cemetery. The acreage is approximately 175 acres in total. They lived in the Ada area and had their home near the cemetery. Lucetta’s was born in SE Oklahhoma (IT). Lucetta was born in 1872. She was the daughter of Isaac Washington McClure and Laura Ann ( Ashford) McClure. Isaac was from the Mississippi Choctaw nations.
    Lucetta was 1/2 Choctaw Indian – quite a beautiful lady!

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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