Chandler Field/Fresno Municipal Airport – Fresno CA


"Funds from the WPA were used to construct four buildings and upgrade airfield infrastructure at Chandler Field in 1936-1937. An Administration Building (terminal), Administration Building annex, bathroom building and electrical control building, in varying styles, were added under this campaign. Each building was designed by different architects, most likely to offer employment to as many people as possible for the project. Chandler Field/Fresno Municipal Airport is notable as being one of the most intact WPA-funded airports in the United States."

"The Administration Building (Terminal and Restaurant) is one story with a small former control tower penthouse on the north elevation. The building has an irregular plan and is traditional frame construction with a stucco exterior. Designed in a Streamline Moderne style, it has a flat roof of varying levels, smooth walls, and horizontal grooves picked out in ochre-colored paint as coping, along the top surface of the walls near the roofline. All windows are steel casements with multiple lights. The northeast corner of the building is rounded (streamlined) with banks of windows. This treatment is used again the west elevation for the caf, which sports a full rounded corner on the southwest. Unlike most buildings in this style, both principle elevations are symmetrical, with two sets of double doors flanked with side lights and separated by two matching sets of casement windows on the south side. A rectangular cantilevered porch hood has the name Fresno Chandler Downtown Airport. the north, or airport, elevation has one set of double doors in the middle of the facade, with casement windows on either side."

– From the original City of Fresno Historic District nomination, written by Karana Hattersley-Drayton.

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Location Info

630 W Airport Road
Fresno, CA 93706

Location notes:
The Chandler Field/Fresno Municipal Airport Historic District encompasses five buildings and infrastructure

Coordinates: 36.729185, -119.817796

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