Central Maine Sanitorium (abandoned) – Fairfield ME


According to Town Reports, works was performed at the CMS by the New Deal.

The following is a list of the various projects which have been carried on during the past three months through the use of C.W.A. Funds.

No.1 Rebuilding of 2,500 feet of road from State Highway to Central Maine Sanatorium; work includes rock base with gravel top, also culverts and guard rail fence.
No. 13 Excavating under the cellars of three buildings at Central Maine Sanatorium.

Report of Relief Work

During the past year, through the use of C.W.A. And E.R.A. Funds, the following projects have been carried on:
9. Excavating under three buildings at the Central Maine Sanatorium.

The facility known as Central Maine Sanatorium is also known as Chase Sanatorium. Was founded circa 1909 in Waterville, Maine as a small clinic with a tent colony established on Atwood hill in 1910 in Fairfield. In 1914 the first real structure was built after a generous donation from Valora A. Chase, the building was known as the Chase Memorial building after her husband Mr. Frank Chase. At this time the association was known as Central Maine Association for the Relief and Control of Tuberculosis, the name was changed to Chase Memorial Sanatorium. In 1915 a state law was passed entitled “An Act to Provide for the Care and Treatment of Tuberculosis Persons” Various structures were constructed over the years increasing the number of patients to 208 and staff to 92. Hardy and Jewell Buildings torn down approximately 1965-66, Later that year the sanatorium was sold to men from Augusta, Maine area, and for 1 year was a hospital for alcoholics, etc… then became a nursing home. The Sanatorium closed on June 30, 1970 and the Downs, Chase and Milliken Buildings torn down approximately 1978 – 79. Two of the staff quarters are still in use.

Source notes


Annual Report of the Town of Fairfield by the Municipal Officers

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on August 24, 2019.

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Location Info

67 Mountain Ave
Shawmut, me 04975

Coordinates: 44.6062894, -69.6024506

7 comments on “Central Maine Sanitorium (abandoned) – Fairfield ME

  1. To whom this may concern,
    My name is Cynthia Hyde,i live in skowhegan.i have 3 children. Recently my daughter came to me and told me about this now abandoned building and that kids are defacing the property. They asked if they could go check it out, i explained that this is someones property and you need to ask for permission. So it may be a long shot,but iam asking if in fact my children and i could tour the buildings.We love learning about the history of these once active buildings. If you could give us this opportunity id be very greatful.thank you so much for your time.

  2. I’ve heard about this place and me and my friends would like to investigate and see if the storys are true about the hauntings

  3. Pauline

    We went today. It looks as though they’re renovating the entire place into apartments! What a waste of history, right???? Everything is boarded off and they’ve added on a completely new structure.

  4. Kevin Dyer

    My name is Kevin Dyer I was locked up here in 1962-1963 as a child with tb. Is there anyone that was there during that time? Does anyone have family that was there?

  5. Just seeing this and I know of the owners. Txt me at 5099365

  6. abby bowers

    area code?

  7. i am duane and i remember being locked in there when i was 4 y/o,.it was a minimum of a year and i wasnt released until i was 5 y/o,.the memories are vivid of the tubes up my nose and into my lungs every morning b4 we could have our oatmeal and orange juice breakfast,.locked indoors for a year.

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