Central Maine Airport (former) – Norridgewock ME


Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock is a public use airport in Somerset County, Maine, United States. It is owned by the Town of Norridgewock and has two runways.

According to the newspaper the Independent Reporter, of FERA funds that were provided for 4 projects in Skowhegan in early 1935, $1,917 went to the airport which at the beginning was called the Skowhegan Airport. The crew consisted of 11 laborers and foreman Charles Stinchfield. In a earlier town hall meeting, $250 was voted by the citizens to contribute toward construction. Initial construction began in 1933 and according to a later article, over the entire course of the project $28,000 was spent by the ERA with $700 by the town for a drainage system at the north end. The paper reports of the controversy over the cut off of funds because of questions of municipal ownership. Fred Bess was the local ERA administrator.

My brother Peter Laverdiere helped in the researching.

W.P.A. project information:
“Construct municipal airport”
Official Project Number: 165‐1‐11‐98
Total project cost: $551,000.00
Sponsor: Town of Skowhegan

Source notes

The Independent Reporter, a defunct weekly Somerset County newspaper

Nationwide Context, Inventory, and Heritage Assessment of Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps Resources on Department of Defense Installations, July 2009 (page C-86).

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on January 24, 2015.
Additional contributions by Evan Kalish.

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Location Info

Dr. Mann Road and North Ave.
Norridgewock, ME 04957

Coordinates: 44.78389102615109, -69.71679921698001

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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