Edward Vincent Jr. Park – Inglewood CA


Otherwise known as Centinela Park. The WPA built the park’s water fountain and eight tennis courts in the 1930s. Other structures may have been built at that time too–more documentation is needed.

From an article in Inglewood Today: “Archibald Garner was also  commissioned to create the water fountain monument at the outcropping of the springs in then Centinela Park, now Vincent Park.  The fountain was originally designed to provide water for adults, children, and dogs… Garner chose granite for his sculpture.  It is made of chunks of stone of various sizes, placed irregularly to form a low column with a polished end showing here and there to add interest.  There are three granite plaques in the fountain.  They speak to the water of the springs, the dedication of the fountain to the people, and dedication.  The Centinela Springs monument was dedicated on October 9, 1939, and is California State Landmark #363.  The fountain has not worked for years and the apparatus has been removed.  Inglewood Historic Preservation Alliance (IHPA) is working to have both monuments cleaned, conserved, and the fountain restored.”

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Location Info

Centinela Park
Inglewood, CA 90302

Coordinates: 33.973462, -118.342542

3 comments on “Edward Vincent Jr. Park – Inglewood CA

  1. mac billups

    how old is centinela park? who designed it?

    mac billups

  2. Carolyn Evans

    Yes how come there no information given on the swimming pool when it opens how much is the fare the hours and days and tell them to answer the line all them teenagers and no responsible Adult…come on Inglewood were so better than that …

    • Evan Kalish

      You’ll have to go to the official municipal website for that information. We merely document some of this location’s historical roots.

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