CCC Camps and Improvements – Nicolet National Forest WI


“The Civilian Conservation Corps played an important role in helping establish the Nicolet National Forest as a viable and productive area…

CCC enrollees working on the Nicolet Forest performed many duties, including forest fire control, tree planting, road construction, recreation area construction and maintenance, installation of telephone lines, fish and wildlife habitat improvement, timber stand improvement and surveying. Much of the work done by the CCC is still evident today. Many roads, recreation areas, ranger stations, the Trees for Tomorrow training center and countless timber plantations exist because of the corpsmen’s hard work.

At the peak of the CCC program, the Nicolet Forest had 22 camps, with about 200 enrollees per camp. The Army was responsible for the enrollees’ housing, clothing, feeding, and medical care. The Forest Service, in turn, was in charge of the work program and furnishing supervision, materials and the necessary equipment for carrying out the projects. The Forest Service’s camp organization consisted of a camp superintendent, three to six foresters, three to four construction foremen and two to three sub-foremen. The Army also had an educational advisor on their staff who set up evening classes. Forest Service personnel would teach classes several evenings a week.

After the CCC program had been in operation for awhile, Congress authorized the establishment of camps for World War I veterans. Phelps Camp on the Nicolet Forest was a veteran’s camp.


Virgin Lake F-1 S31, T39N, R12E Argonne
Nine Mile F-2 S35, T40N, R11E Phelps
Pine River F-8 S30, T39N, R13E Argonne
Scott Lake F-9 Co. 645 S22, T38N, R12E Argonne
Mountain F-19 S4, T31N, R16E Oconto—Lakewood
Blackwell F-34 S9, T35N, R15E Peshtigo
Cavour F-39 S15, T36N, R15E Peshtigo
Rainbow F-40 S10, T40N, R16E Florence
Phelps F-26 Co. 1680 S27, T42N, R11E Phelps
Alvin F-27 S3, T40N, R13E Phelps
Long Lake F-29 S31, T39N, R15E Florence
Boot Lake F-30 S8, T32N, R15E Oconto—Lakewood
Trump Lake F-28 S16, T34N, R16E Oconto—Lakewood
Double Bend F-41 S32, T38N, R15E Argonne
Himley Lake F-45 S9, T34N, R14E Peshtigo
Newald F-102 S26, T38N, R15E Florence
Section Eleven F- S11,T39N, R12E Argonne
Lily Pad F- S22, T40N, R14E Phelps
Wolf River F- S28, T31N, R15E Oconto-Lakewood
Bear Paw F- S22, T31N, R17E Oconto—Lakewood
Dream F- S34, T40N, R15E Florence
Lakewood F- S36, T33N, R16E Oconto—Lakewood
Thunder River F- S16, T33N, R17E Oconto—Lakewood

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Nicolet National Forest
Caswell, WI

Coordinates: 45.525560429537435, -88.67492714062502

5 comments on “CCC Camps and Improvements – Nicolet National Forest WI

  1. robert c pote

    my dad was in the ccc camp close to wabeno , wisc. about 1936 or 37 he mentioned himley lake and always spoke fondly about his time at the camp . bob

    • Mary Beck


      Did your Dad ever mention a camp at Trump Lake or called Trump Lake?

  2. My Father was in CCC Camps in the 1930’s and I have several photos that ar from his time. I think he spent most of his time at double bend

  3. Jason d Cotherman

    I have a pic of the camp at Trump lake and pics of the laona/crandon camps as well

  4. Many of these camps are on our forest and we have no photos of them. Would you be willing to share them with me?

    [email protected]

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