CCC Camp White – Barkhamsted CT


The Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)’s Camp White, which housed Company #106 at American Legion State Forest in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, operated from Dec. 28, 1933 to Jan. 1, 1942.

C.C.C. Museum:

This camp was named for Alan C. White, who was a leader in the campaign to purchase the land that would become Peoples State Forest. The original site of Camp White is now used as a youth group camping area and the building site and camp roads are still visible. The camp had a tree nursery and built the Stone Museum as a natural interpretive center. The museum, nursery building, and camp office are still in use today. The “CCC Boys” in the camp:

  • completed 8 miles of truck trails
  • constructed an administration building
  • repaired three historic homes
  • developed a reecreation area
  • participated in gypsy moth removal
  • created and maintained a tree nursery
  • built the Stone Museum Nature Center

Furthermore, “[t]hey made many trails, including a nature trail from Matthies Camp Ground through Ullman picnic area and a one-mile foot trail from Camp White to Tremendous Cliff in American Legion Forest.”

Source notes

Historical Museum of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Shenipsit State Forest: exhibit information

CCC Legacy Journal: Volume 39, Issue 2 (pg. 10)
(accessed Feb. 2018)

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on February 20, 2018.

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Location Info

American Legion State Forest
Barkhamsted, CT

Coordinates: 41.936206, -73.010383

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  1. scott peszko

    is this still active my father was there

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