CCC Camp: Blue Hills Reservation – Milton MA


From 1933-1937 a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp operated within the Blue Hills Reservation, south of Boston. Over that time the CCC made numerous improvements to the Reservation, including two lookout towers, ski trails, a toboggan run, and any number of road and trail enhancements. Bare remnants of the CCC camp remain today, but are noted with historical markers.

Description of C.C.C. activities in the Blue Hills Reservation, per the Metropolitan District Commission 1938 annual report:
“The camp work crews assigned to the creosoting of gypsy moth egg clusters continued the work started in the fall of 1936 until the spring hatching period. The reservation as a whole was badly infested but the 1,200-acre section in which the efforts of the camp boys were concentrated demonstrated the value of such work in a very effective way. The construction of the stone observation tower on Great Blue Hill was substantially completed and construction of the adjoining shelter was started. The second section of the cross country ski trail from the Nahanton Hill practice slope to Randolph Avenue was reconnoitred by a skiing expert, and development of the section was in progress when the camp closed down. An additional three miles of police signal service lines were reconstructed and two sections of the line were placed underground in the West Quincy end of the reservation. About 15,000 pine and spruce transplants were set out in the vicinity of Buck Hill and water holes for moth spraying and fire protection were developed in suitable locations. About seven miles of truck trails and service roads were reconstructed, principally in the 500 acre tract acquired from the James Estate. The development of the Pakomet Spring area was extended to include a sizable picnic ground with tables, benches and fireplaces. About 22,000 man days of labor for the year 1937 were expended on all work projects at the time the camp ceased operations. …

An authorization has been obtained from the National Park Service to establish a side camp at Blue Hills Reservation in order that the tower and shelter on Great Blue Hill and the Pakomet Spring development may be completed. A total of 27,000 man-days of labor were expended on all work projects.

Source notes

Historical markers at the camp's former site.

Information found online (one example:

"Annual report of the Metropolitan District Commission," by Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission (1937 volume; pp. 18-19)"

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Location Info

Blue Hills Reservation
Milton, MA 02186

Coordinates: 42.215268, -71.119257

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