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In a letter dated July 20, 1933 to the weekly newspaper the Independent Reporter, F. L. Hutchins praises the New Deal for work on the Cathedral Pines campground.

The next year, the paper ran a longer story on the campground:

“C.W.A. Work At The Famous “Cathedral Pines,” Eustis-Stratton, Maine Jan. 19, 1934

Recently I visited with Supt. A. A. Berry of Megantic Preserve at “Cathedral Pines” to look over the work being done there by CWA workers.

As Skowhegan people remember A. A. Berry was at one time a resident of that town. For quite a good many years Supt. Berry has been manager of the famous Megantic Preserve, with headquarters at Arnold Pond and Big Island.

The “A” men who have been cleaning these beautiful Norway pines of all underbrush, dead trees, lodged trees, etc., are progressing very fast under the direction of Guy B. Durrell, selectman and experienced woodsman.

This “cleaning up” job is fast making these pines into a beautiful park. More open stone fireplaces will be built in these pines at well arranged camp sites. Roads will be constructed so that one can drive directly to these camp sites, — and what a beautiful spot to spend a Sunday with your family at an open fire, lunch right among these stately pines, and right on the banks of the historical North branch of the “Dead River,” up which Benedict Arnold came with his army on his march to Quebec.

Many Skowhegan friends have for years motored there to Eustis and Canada on a Sunday or holiday and have seen and admired this beautiful spot at “Cathedral Pines,” four miles north of Stratton.

You will be just as welcome here as ever this season — come and bring your family.”

From the campground website: “Cathedral Pines Campground is located in a beautiful, mature Red Pine forest on the shore of Flagstaff Lake – 1,150′ above sea level.

We offer 115 sites in 300 acres of tall red pine trees. Sites are situated for privacy. We have a rec hall and laundry and offer boating and fishing. Pets are allowed.

The Cathedral Pines are famous for their beauty and are a regular tourist attraction in this part of Maine.

Our facilities are designed for restful camping in the woods, with sites spaced so as to provide privacy. Especially desirable for vacation campers with children, with a private beach for campers and a large playground.”

Source notes

The Independent Reporter
Cathedral Pines Campground website

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on July 20, 2016.

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Location Info

945 Arnold Trail
Eustis, ME 04936

Coordinates: 45.189236, -70.462506

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