CCC Camp Cascades (demolished) – Yosemite National Park CA


Cascades Camp in Yosemite Valley was one of the two hubs of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) activity in Yosemite National Park from 1933 to 1941; the other was Camp Wawona.  There were around a dozen smaller CCC camps (seasonal and stub camps) added around the park, as well.  Overall, around 7,000 enrollees served in Yosemite.

Camp Cascades was officially camp YNP 6 (the 6th camp established in Yosemite) or NP 20 in the western region.  CCC Companies 920 and 942 operated out of Camp Cascades during the decade.

The first Camp Cascades, at the confluence of The Cascades and Merced River, washed away in a flood in December 1937.  The second, or New, Camp Cascades was moved to higher ground nearer El Capitan in early 1938. (Pin drop on map is for the New Camp Cascades)

Nothing remains of the first camp (the present Cascades Picnic Area along highway 141)  and almost nothing of the second camp. The chief remnant of the second Camp Cascades is a stone fireplace/chimney from the mess hall.  Some bits of concrete foundation and level places in the meadows are also visible (Broesamle 2022).

The CCC enrollees made many improvements to the facilities in Yosemite Valley and ‘seasonal’ and ‘stub’ camps were set up to carry out short-term projects elsewhere in the park, such as at Tuolumne Meadows.  Those improvements and camps are detailed in other Yosemite Park site pages (shown on the right). 


Source notes

Lois Orr, The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Yosemite Park. xxxxx 

John Broesamle book manuscript and interview, 2022.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on July 20, 2017.
Additional contributions by Richard Walker.

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Location Info

near El Capitan
Yosemite National Park, CA 98359

Location notes: Pin drop is approximate

Coordinates: 37.72449, -119.6498

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