Carr Square Village – St. Louis MO


Large development of 2 and 3-story apartments just west of downtown St. Louis, interestingly just east of the up-coming and infamous Pruitt –Igoe public housing complex. Carr-Square Village is still in use, a testament to its forethought and sound construction. Although it is 80 years old and has been through a tumultuous time, the units are in good condition and the area seems to be relatively safe. It is in a muti-block area of the city of St. Louis and when constructed was the black public housing complex (the white being Clinton-Peabody). It was developed at the time that the largest Hooverville in the country was demolished on the St. Louis waterfront as a part of preparation for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Although this Hooverville was largely desegregated, the public housing was not. The idea for a public housing development in the area went through a long process of evolution, but when finally funding for the large project was available and work started, WW2 began. This speeded up the construction process since funds were available for a limited time and the project was complete by 1942.

Source notes

Joseph Heathcott, “In the Nature of a Clinic”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 70(1), 82-103, 2011.

Project originally submitted by Charles Swaney on April 3, 2013.

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Location Info

Carr St.
St. Louis, MO 63106

Location notes: Located between Washington, Biddle, 18th St, and 15th St.

Coordinates: 38.637255, -90.20098

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  1. bernice cotton

    I would like to know when carr square village was being built , what were the first streets that were occupied by tenents.?

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