Carlos Avery Game Farm – Forest Lake MN


In 1936 the WPA developed the area of Carlos Avery Game Farm, now the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area, and constructed several buildings on the site. From the National Register of Historic Places nomination:

Located within the 23,000 acre Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area, the district includes eleven buildings, three structures, and one non-contributing building. The buildings at the Game Farm are designed in the Colonial Revival Style. All buildings and structures are considered contributing unless otherwise noted.

1. Entrance Gateway – The entrance to the Carlos Avery Game Farm is defined by an elaborate gateway flanked by stone pylons. Each gate is attached to a tall limestone portal, connecting with a curved wall, which terminates with a stone pier. A WPA plaque was once anchored to each outer pier. An ornamental iron sign, supported by the stonework, extends across the drive and contains the following original wording: “Carlos Avery Game Farm, Department of Conservation, Division of Game and Fish.”


The Game Farm was constructed between 1936 and 1938 with assistance from the Works Progress Administration. All buildings on the Game Farm were originally sided with 1″ x 10″ clear redwood, which was painted white, and the roofs were covered with wooden shingles with a dark green stain. With the exception of the heating plant, power plant, and garage, the redwood has been replaced with aluminum siding of an identical dimension to the original. The wooden shingles have been replaced with asphalt and modern sash has been installed in many of the buildings.

Source notes

Mandy Moran Froemming, “Commission marks rich history of Green Haven,” ABC Newspapers, accessed August 9, 2014. 


National Register of Historic Places nomination form

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Location Info

Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area
Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025

Location notes: Address listed is official address, actual location is due west of town of Wyoming on 205th Ave NE.

Coordinates: 45.3433838, -93.048068

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