Cape Perpetua Campground – Yachats OR


Located adjacent to Cape Creek at the foot of Cape Perpetua, the Cape Perpetua Campground occupies the former site of the first Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp in this part of the Siuslaw National Forest. A small crew of CCC workers lived here in 1933 while constructing the nearby, more permanent Cape Creek CCC Camp. CCC enrollees from Cape Creek went on to develop the site for public camping as part of a plan to increase tourist activity in the area.

The CCC improvements made a significant impact on tourist use of the Cape Perpetua area. This success was anticipated in a May 1936 Oregonian article that stated: “Technically, the project is called the ‘fire protection, recreational development and forest propagation feature of the resettlement administration’s (sic) program in the Oregon Coast range. To thousands this summer and in every succeeding summer it simply means opportunity for a good time on a trip down the coast highway.”

The Oregonian’s description of the CCC effort at Cape Perpetua included mention of a community kitchen, and a play area for children as well as twenty-four camp spots, each provided with a rock-masonry stove allowing people to make a meal and/or pitch camp for the night. Although the current campground has been expanded, it continues to draw many tourist given its extensive trail system and views of the Pacific.

Source notes

"Camping Places Being Prepared: Scenic Spots along Roadway Invite Motorist," Oregonian. May 26, 1936.

US 101 Coast Highway Historic Context. AEOCOM Consultant Report; Submitted to Oregon Department of Transportation. February 2015.

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Location Info

2200 US-101
Yachats, OR 97498

Coordinates: 44.2805818, -124.1024021

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