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Located on the original Bankhead Highway, also known as the Villa Rica-Carrollton Road (1917 route) the Williams Family farm is southwest of Villa Rica, Georgia. The farmhouse was built in 1891 and the farm remained in business in the Great Depression. In the 1930s, Felix Williams with the assistance of the Carroll County Commissioner went to Washington, DC to lobby for a CCC camp on the farm. Their efforts were award a camp on 18 August1935. A portion of the farm was leased to the CCC. In 1936 the CCC built a road from the Carrollton-Villa Rica Road to the CCC Camp. Construction began in 1937 and completed by that fall. In addition to pay the CCC was supplied milk and dairy products from the camp. Camp Lacretia camp number 3437 and classified as a SCS-4 (soil conservation). Camp Lacretia was named after the wife of the commander at Fort McPhearson in Atlanta. Division B, CCC Headquarters was at Fort McPherson. In addition to soil conservation the enrollees at Camp Lacretia built furniture which was used in other CCC camps including FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
The camp relocated to Macon in late 1940 or early 1941 removing all the buildings. The stone foundations and some of the camp features remain.

Foundation of the recreation hall., 2007
Foundation ruins of the recreation hall.
Photo Credit: Ernest Everett Blevins, MFA © All Rights Reserved

Source notes

Blevins, Ernest E., "Preservation Assessment and Plan, Mitchell-Williams Farm, Villa Rica, Georgia," University of West Georgia Internship, 2003

"Williams Family Farm," National Register Nomination #05000193

Project originally submitted by Ernest Everett Blevins on April 12, 2017.

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55 Goldworth Rd.
Villa Rica, Georgia 30180

Location notes: The CCC camp is visible on Google in 2005 as a inverted tear drop near the powerline corridor between Van Wert Road and Georgia 61.

Coordinates: 33.704454, -84.942124

5 comments on “Camp Lacretia – Villa Rica GA

  1. Tom McKoy

    My Dad was in the CCC at this camp for a short period of time. Can you advise who would have the photo of the enrollees shown above. Just curious to know if he is in the picture.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Unfortunately we don’t have that info and found the photo in the public domain.

    • Ernnest Blevins

      The Douglas County Museum has some additional photographs they apparently received years ago from a former enrollee who lived in Douglas County, Georgia (this is next to Carroll County and Villa Rica is in both counties). They might be able to assist in your question.

  2. JoAnne P. Brown

    My grandfather was the Army Sargent in charge of Camp Lacretia during the 1930’s. The Atlanta Journal magazine ran an article about the camp when he took over, entitled “Sargent Pitts Leads Again.” Sure wish I could find the article. His name was William Pitts.

    • Ernnest Blevins

      The Cobb County Library has the microfilm of the Atlanta Journal. If you are not in the area I sometimes am still. Contact me and I can try to run by and pull it.

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