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In August 1935, the Burleson Independent School District (BISD) applied for a grant from the Public Works Administration (PWA) for the construction of a one-story, semi-fireproof combination auditorium, gymnasium and classroom school building. In October of the same year, the PWA offered a grant of $8,181 and loan of $10,000 for Project Docket Texas 1481-H, which the BISD accepted.

Construction on the building began on April 1, 1936. BISD held a dedication ceremony on October 9, 1936. The auditorium is 122 x 68 feet with a 37 x 16 feet stage on one end. On each side of the stage are lockers and showers. Under the stage is a basement room, which housed the vocational agriculture classes. The other end of the auditorium was where the home economics classes were held.

In 1977,the gymnasium underwent a significant remodel. The windows were boarded up and an air-conditioning system installed. The gymnasium was used for basketball games, fall carnivals, physical education classes and graduation ceremonies. The building is also called the Nola Dunn Gymnasium as it was once part of the Nola Dunn Elementary School campus.

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E. Ellison St. and S. Clark St.
Burleson, Texas 76097

Location notes: Southwest corner

Coordinates: 32.5420, -97.3183

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