Burglund Heights Public Housing – McComb MS

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Burglund Heights, a public low-income housing complex for African Americans, was begun January 17, 1940. Thirteen buildings were planned to house 76 families, at a projected cost of $231,670. M. T. Reed Construction Company built the units. Work crew included 300 mechanics and laborers. The units were proposed to address inadequate living conditions for both black and white families in McComb, including lack of indoor toilets, running water, and houses in dilapidated condition. Construction was scheduled for completion August 1, 1940 and occupancy began September 1 with an average monthly rental of $11.00 including rent and utilities.
The two-story brick units are still in use.

Source notes

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September 1 is set as opening for Burglund. (May 6, 1940). McComb Daily Journal, p. 1.

Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on October 22, 2019.

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Location Info

800 block Warren Street
McComb, Mississippi 39648

Coordinates: 31.2567336, -90.44920719999999

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  1. dear Mr/Mrs, for our Project Fields of Honor we searching for a photo of Sgt Albert William Marschall, KIA March 26th 1945 in Germany. He was married with Marie Marshall. His last living adress was ; Burglund Heights, McComb, mississipie. We want to give all these ” Boys ” a face at their Memorialpage. Albert was an African American soldier who gave his life, so we can live in freedom. That he may rest in peace by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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