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Several school building and renovation projects were undertaken in Murray, Utah during the 1930s, with the aid of the Public Works Administration (PWA): a new  Arlington School, a two classroom addition at Bonnyview, finishing the basement into classrooms at Liberty, and an addition to the high school gymnasium. 

At Bonnyview School, a brick addition to the old building added two classroom, and restrooms were installed inside the building.  A separate building, formerly housing the first and second grades, was remodeled into a combined auditorium, playroom, and cafeteria.

Bonnyview School served mostly families of industrial workers living near the railroad and families living on farms in the relatively open lands to the west of Murray, and was relatively isolated from the center of town (in what is now an industrial zone).  As Murray became part of suburban Salt Lake City, the population changed and Bonnyview School was replaced by new schools built in expanding areas.

Bonnyview School has been demolished and the site remains empty. 


Source notes

PWA Docket No. UT X1200

Karrol Broschnisky, 2015. Centennial History of the Murray City School District, 1906 - 2006. (Updated by D Wright). Murray School District, Murray UT. (p. 29)


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Location Info

Commerce Dr.
Murray, UT 84107

Coordinates: 40.663288, -111.899378

3 comments on “Bonnyview School Addition and Remodeling (demolished) – Murray UT

  1. Parker Sackewitz

    The building was demolished sometime between June 2005 and August 2006

  2. Sad to see it go, I remember I was suffering from deep depression at that stage in my life I was admited to the neuropsychologist institute of Utah, I’ve moved around so much in my life… and seen so many bad things happen to me and my mom( weather she was mentally stable or knowledgeable of life and what took to make it in life like studying and a career) it’s hard to put a blame on the people that are ignorant, weather it be my mom or me ..a wise man said “ if criminals knew how beneficial it is to be good, they would be good just for the reward of it” eventually depression took it’s toll and I tried to commit suicide in that building..1995 .. I just didn’t care.. fortunately I learned that life is precious, with the birth of my daughter and I decided to change my life, I am successful citizens now, a bicycle racer and have been sponsor as such I have 5 kids, one is a graduate at Wyoming and I own a house in California, it’s funny to know what the real secret to life is, And that is ..pain is something temporary if we fight with the right tools, environment, a positive smart coaching…anything is possible… if I could only help those in need as I was helped

  3. Julie Beynon

    I spent my high school days at bonneyview high school and it was a good experience. really tiny school but everyone knew each other. sorry to see it go

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