Boise National Forest CCC Camp – Atlanta ID


The Boise National Forest CCC Camp (F-78) was located near Atlanta, and left permanent structures there and in Garden Valley.

From the National Forest Service: “In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt established the Boise National Forest to protect timber and watershed resources in southwestern Idaho. The Forest Service added lookouts, campgrounds, and roads, assisted by hundreds of young men enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression, Deadwood Lookout and Atlanta Ranger Station were built by the CCC—now available for overnight rental.”

Also from the Forest Service: “Atlanta Cabin is located in the old mining town of Atlanta, Idaho, at an elevation of 5,800 feet. It is part of a historic ranger station compound built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Forest Service in 1933. This compound, known as the Atlanta Ranger Station Historic District, is listed on the National Register of Historic “

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Location Info

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Atlanta Guard Station
Atlanta, ID 83716

Location notes: Location is for one of the two extant CCC structures

Coordinates: 43.80475, -115.13015

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  1. bob pinkerton

    I’m looking for photos of ccc camps in northern Idaho where my father served in the ccc’s Your photo # 280095 is the closest I’ve gotten so far. Thank you !

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