Bladensburg High School – Bladensburg MD


The school built by the PWA in 1936, and in 1937, the WPA also did extensive work on the school including: “Improve the high school building and grounds in Bladensburg…by grading athletic field, constructing soccer field, running track, steps to front entrance and bus unloading spaces; and performing appurtenant and incidental work.” (National Archives)

In 2001, the New Deal facility was torn down and a new facility was built in its place in 2005.

Source notes

National Archives, Record Group 69, “Microfilmed Index to WPA Projects.”

Additional information submitted by Robert Krause.

Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on June 10, 2013.

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Location Info

4200 57th Ave
Bladensburg, MD 20710

Coordinates: 38.9421869, -76.91916800000001

2 comments on “Bladensburg High School – Bladensburg MD

  1. Pat Noble

    This article blends information about the high school building on the hill on Annapolis Road, and its replacement, which opened in 1951. The former high school became Bladensburg Junior High School in 1951. It was torn down in the 1990s. The old Bladensburg Elementary School across the street was torn down and built on the hill in the spot where the high school and junior high once stood. The new high school, which is pictured in this article under construction, was torn down in 2001 and rebuilt in 2005.. I think you’ve blended two stories here. I have found news articles indicating that Bladensburg had a high school in the 1920s, so does the WPA material mention a former building that was being replaced in 1936, or renovation of an existing building?

    • Gabriel Milner

      We only have minimal information about this site. If you’d like to pass on more, we’d love to update the post. Information can be sent through our Submissions page.

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