Big Shaheen Cabin – Admiralty Island AK


“The Big Shaheen Cabin is the only log cabin built by Civilian Conservation Corps workers as part of the Admiralty Island Canoe Route. Situated on the east shore of Hasselborg Lake, the cabin was intended to serve as a lodge. Originally, it was the only enclosed building along the canoe route. Built for recreation, it is still used for that purpose and has not been substantially altered since its construction in 1935.”

“The Big Shaheen Cabin is the only cabin that was part of the Admiralty Island Civilian Conservation Corps Canoe Route. It was constructed with horizontal logs about ten inches in diameter, saddle notched at the corners. The gable ends are sided with shakes. The floor is concrete. The roof is metal, but it is underlain by shakes which likely were the original roofing material.

The front roof overhangs about six feet, protecting a wooden-decked porch. Beyond the porch the land slopes gently to a beach about forty feet away, and mid way there is a large fire ring of rocks. Ashed roof at the back of the cabin protects a wood pile, and a non-contributing outhouse is down a trail behind the cabin. Two screened food pantries hang on the exterior wall by the kitchen, one accessible from inside and one from outside. Windows are wood-framed and consist of four to six small panes of glass.

Inside there is a kitchen/dining area with a wood stove, and two partitioned bunk areas, intended by the CCC to accommodate parties of mixed gender. There is no loft or interior ceiling other than the underside of the roof. The interior partitions are floating, they extend upward about seven feet. A small steel wood stove in the kitchen has a stack that exits the roof vertically. A hole, now patched, in the roof over one of the bunk areas indicates the former location of another stove.

The cabin has been heavily used over the years. Intended to be the central lodge, the cabin is central to the trail system. Over the years it has housed CCC workers, sportsmen, trail crews, and modern recreationists. It appears to have been faithfully maintained since its construction. The lowermost two logs on all four walls are new, replaced probably within the last decade.”

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on May 27, 2017.

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Location Info

Angoon, AK

Location notes: General location marker for Angoon

Coordinates: 57.503, -134.584

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