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Five years after the WPA built a new pool and bathhouse in Betsy Head Park, the Parks Department announced the completion of the rehabilitation of the south section of the rest of the park, bounded by Livonia and Dumont Avenues, Strauss Street and Hopkinson Avenue:

“The remainder of the plot, to the west of the pool has been entirely reconstructed to meet the needs of a district well supplied with children and young people and under-privileged in the matter of play areas. The new plan, designed by the Department of Parks, called for the reconstruction of the baseball diamond, football field and running track, which have been provided with a set of concrete bleachers to seat 1500 spectators. A softball diamond has also been added to this field, and surrounding the cinder running track a ten foot wide roller skating track with bituminous asphalt pavement has been installed. Handball facilities have been doubled by the addition of four new courts. A new comfort station has been built at the corner of Strauss Street and Livonia Avenue. A basketball and volley ball court and two horseshoe pitches are also features of the new plan.

The various areas are segregated by chain link fencing, trees have been planted around the borders, numerous benches have been added and the surrounding street sidewalks have been rebuilt. The Betsy Head playground will serve chiefly the needs of adolescents and young adults and has been designed to withstand wear and tear, to make possible effective control and supervision by the park recreation staff and facilitate routine maintenance.

Construction was carried out by the Work Projects Administration from plans prepared by the Department of Parks.”

The park was further rehabilitated in 1983.

Source notes

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Location Info

Hopkinson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Coordinates: 40.66268790901284, -73.91376851058959

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