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The bulk of present day Bensonhurst Park was first established in 1895. Two further parcels were added later. In 1942, the WPA completed major work on the park:

“The Department of Parks announces the completion of work in connection with the reconstruction of Bensonhurst Park and the addition of a new playground, baseball fields and other recreation facilities…

The old park area has been increased in size. Fifteen acres were added at the time that the Belt Parkway was constructed. This was done by pumping sand beyond the seawall which was erected at the outshore end of the property…

The two previously undeveloped triangular areas on either side of the parkway have been provided with play areas and ball fields. The north section has a large circular grass plot; a semicircular asphalt surfaced playground adjacent to Bay Parkway containing a concrete wading pool with removable goals for volley ball and basketball, an irrigated sandpit with benches on three sides, swings, slides and seesaws…

Also a court game area at the northeast corner of this section of the park has bean provided with two double handball courts, two basketball courts, four shuffleboard courts, and a combination roller and ice skating area.

A Softball diamond with hooded chain link fence backstop is located south of this area adjacent to the parkway.

Between the parkway and the bulkhead promenade a large semicircular fence enclosed field has been seeded and developed with two softball diamonds…

A battery of eight bituminous surfaced tennis courts have been built at the east end of this area adjacent to the Gravesend Bay boat yards and wharfs. Several hundred feet of riprap wall adjacent to the tennis courts and at the foot of Bay Parkway were rebuilt.

170 shrubs and over 200 trees including 40 flowering crabapples were planted along the paths, around the play areas and in groups about the newly seeded or sodded lawns.

The project which was built by the Work Projects Administration from plans prepared by the Department of Parks also included storage and maintenance buildings, drinking fountains, benches, flagpole, drainage, irrigation and lighting.”

The park is still in active use.

Source notes

Department of Parks, Press Release, March 16, 1942
NYC Parks - Bensonhurst Park
New York City Parks Department New Deal Projects 1934-43

Project originally submitted by Frank da Cruz on December 27, 2016.

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Location Info

Cropsey Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Coordinates: 40.597004, -74.000979

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