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Stabilization of Clatsop County’s coastal dunes was the primary work project of CCC enrollees from Camp Warrenton from 1933 to about 1940.

Soon after the completion of the south jetty on the Columbia River in 1913, beach erosion became a significant issue on the county’s coastline as far south as Gearhart, Oregon. Soil scientists encouraged experimentation with planting Holland Dune Grass to stabilize dunes and to prevent road closures and property damage due to blowing sand.

By 1936, soil scientists and local residents already noted improvements. In 1940, the success of the experiment was established. A 1940 article in The Oregonian reported: “There are 3000 acres of so-called dune area from the north edge of the city of Gearhart to the Columbia River. Approximately 1500 acres of this area have been planted to the sand-binding European beach grass, or Holland grass, together with some American dune grass, for test purposes. Over this 1500 acres, “hills” of grass have been planted by hand . . . Vegetative control of this 3000-acre area means the effective protection of at least another 10,000 acres of agricultural, timber, military, recreational and public property inland from it.”

Erosion control efforts also included CCC enrollees placing twenty miles of picket fences (15,000 pickets per mile) to reduce blowing sand. As sand formed around the pickets, they were raised to form a higher, stable outer-dune. This process required management of the dunes over successive years.

Source notes

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Location Info

Warrenton, OR

Location notes: The beach stabilization program extended from Warrenton to just north of Gearhart on the northern Oregon Coast

Coordinates: 46.17837708789776, -123.97998670148664

2 comments on “Beach Stabilization – Warrenton OR

  1. David E. Lindstrom

    I’m wondering where the encampment was located. Are the listed coordinates the camp site?

  2. Judith Kenny

    There is a bit of mystery as to the location of the CCC camp. The coordinates shown with the entry for CCC Camp Warrenton reflect our current, best understanding based on input from a City of Warrenton employee who grew up in Warrenton. The coordinates for the beach stabilization entry reflects just one site associated with the work completed by CCC enrollees on this part of the coast.

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