Bathhouse and Swimming Pool – Electra TX

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The Electra city pool “was built in 1935-36 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the facility includes a stone building with native stone from the area.”

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601 E Roosevelt St.
Electra, TX 76360

Coordinates: 34.0291814, -98.9121175

One comment on “Bathhouse and Swimming Pool – Electra TX

  1. I’m a geologist living in the Austin area but grew up in Electra, Texas. As a kid growing up in Electra I noticed that all the structures in the city park were constructed with a brown-colored limestone. In recent years I have found out that the brown limestone in called the Beaverburk limestone, Permian age, and is a marker bed at the base of the Waggoner Ranch formation, Wichita group. Outcrops of the Beaverburk can be found east and south of Electra, especially around Lake Diversion, on bluffs along the Wichita River and Beaver Creek. Numerous structures in Electra constructed with the brown limestone includes three churches, three houses, three commercial buildings, several retaining walls in town likely were built during the 1930’s. I recently visited the Dundee State Fish Hatchery near Lake Diversion and the WPA constructed the employees houses and storage facilities with the Beaverburk. Numerous wing walls for culverts on several county and FM roads in southwestern Wichita County are constructed with the Beaverburk limestone. Its uncertain if the WPA or the CCC was involved with the culverts; however, the entryway bridge at the Dundee hatchery was probably built by the WPA during their involvement with that project at it too has the Beaverburk in the culvert walls.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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