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This beautiful park is nestled in the “Lost Pines” area of Texas. The park was built as a CCC project and opened to the public in 1937. In September 2011 96% of the park was burned by a devastating wildfire; some of the burn damage is still visible, but the park is regenerating. The fire spared the refectory and the cabins built by the CCC. A CCC pavilion at the overlook suffered damage to the wood roof, but today has been rebuilt.

“The architect of Bastrop State Park, Arthur Fehr, followed National Park Service design principles that suggested harmony with the surrounding landscape of rolling hills and pine forests and use of native materials for construction. The stone cabins at Bastrop appear to grow out of the ground like a natural outcrop. The same non-intrusive design elements were followed for dams, culverts, bridges and fences. Similar design concepts can be seen in other parks around the nation. Bastrop’s refectory is a show­place of CCC craftsmanship. Cedar, oak, walnut and pine indigenous to the park and red sandstone quarried nearby come together in an attractive stone structure featuring carved mantles, roof beams and handmade furniture.

In 1997, Bastrop State Park was awarded National Historic Landmark status, due largely to the enduring craftsmanship and landscape work done in the park by the CCC. It is one of only seven CCC parks in the nation with this recognition.”  (

“Two other depression-era groups, the National Youth Administration and the Works Progress Administration, contributed to the park’s many features and structures. The NYA built and used the maintenance building in 1940 to construct furniture and fittings for CCC parks in Texas, including Bastrop. The WPA built both the swimming pool and the original nine-hole golf course as separate projects under the auspices of the State Parks Board.”

The park offers golf, swimming, hiking, camping, and fishing. Historic Bastrop is nearby. An 11 mile drive connects Bastrop State Park with Buescher State Park, another CCC project.

Source notes

Project submitter's story: "I have camped at Bastrop before and after the fire.  I really don't remember how I first learned that it was a New Deal project, but after the fire I became very interested in its history.  I was especially relieved when the news came after the fire that most of the CCC construction had been spared, thanks to those who fought the fire."

Project originally submitted by Elizabeth Hilburn - on April 28, 2013.

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Location Info

100 Park Road 1A
Bastrop, Texas 78602

Coordinates: 30.11043459999999, -97.2883314

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