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The Public Works Administration (PWA) funded additions to three existing schools in Nashville 1938-1940. Supervising architects for the projects were Hart, Freeland, and Roberts of Nashville, although the design architects for projects varied. The Nashville firm of Dougherty, Clemmons and Seale designed the elementary wing and gymnasium addition to Bailey. Original cost was planned at $72,000, but at completion was $82,000. A two-story elementary wing accommodating 300 children, and a basement were added to the southeast corner of the building. A gymnasium at the rear of the original building (partially destroyed by the 1933 tornado) was also constructed next to the elementary wing. The addition included 17 rooms, three corridors, gymnasium with shower baths and locker rooms. The exterior was designed to be compatible with the existing building, and the basement level was faced with rock. Construction was by Sumner Construction Company. The school is now known as the East Nashville Magnet Middle School.

Source notes

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2000 Greenwood Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Coordinates: 36.1882385, -86.73307169999998

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