Babler Memorial State Park – Wildwood MO


“On August 20, 1930, Jacob Babler and his younger brother Henry Babler gave 868 acres of land to the State of Missouri, to be named the Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State park. These were difficult and trying times in the world, and although they continued to give more land to the state between 1934 and 1936, Jacob had to seek the help of friend John J. Cochran, Congressman, in order to obtain federal aid for the state in order to develop the park. This aid came in the form of designating two Civilian Conservation Camps (CCC) to be stationed within the park to develop the property. With the help of Conrad Wirth, Director of the National Park System, plans were developed to establish a trust fund that would support construction, maintenance, and operations at the park. A state bill was passed to fomarlly accept the land and was signed by Governor Lloyd Stark on June 23, 1937. The park was formally dedicated on October 1, 1938 at a ceremony in which Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, spoke before an assembly of 3,500 guests. This was when the statue of Dr. Babler was unveiled in its current location.”

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Location Info

800 Guy Park Dr.
Wildwood, MO 63005

Coordinates: 38.62495677296129, -90.6917227793457

One comment on “Babler Memorial State Park – Wildwood MO

  1. Margie Stasiak

    Can you tell me what is the large sprawling stone house located in the most eastern part of the park?
    Located off of road behind the statue. First right after passing statue parking.
    It has a small gate which says no unauthorized vehicles.
    Able to walk it but sometimes there is another small gate saying private.
    Any info is appreciated.

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