Arroyo Seco Park – Los Angeles CA


The Annual Report of the Board of the Los Angeles Park Commissioners stated in their 1932-1933 report that the Arroyo Seco Parkway was at the time the third largest park in Los Angeles with 276.1 acres. “A new roadway was built by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation some 1800 feet long which involved the removal of 2000 cubic yards of dirt and the installation of 2600 feet of curbing. General grading consisted of widening and straightening the river channel, placing rip-rap on both banks and using the dirt to fill in areas for lawn and buildings. A group of service buildings were erected including storage rooms, garage, work shop and a watchmans cottage. Five new tennis courts were installed and special treatment given the playing surface of the court to reduce the glare of the sun on the cement.
An elaborate watering system was laid out over the hills and flat areas, covering about 84 acres and involving about 40,300 feet of pipe. One hundred and fifty feet of storm drain was laid to divert storm waters, and 1200 lineal feet of rock retaining walls were built to hold back steep sloping banks of earth. Also many new plantings have been made consisting of 1925 trees and shrubs along approximately one mile of walks, which were laid through the areas to make portions of the park more accessible and usable to patrons.”

What is today Herman Park, was in 1933 listed on the supplied map as Arroyo Seco No. 1.

Source notes

Annual report of the Board of [Los Angeles] Park Commissioners 1932 - 1933

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Location Info

5637 Via Marisol
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Coordinates: 34.103933, -118.189687

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