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The Andrew Jackson Courts public housing complex was undertaken in Nashville, Tennessee  following the passage of the Housing Act of 1937 and establishment of the United States Housing Authority (USHA). The USHA worked in conjunction with the Public Works Administration (PWA) in providing funds for local housing development projects, two of which were the segregated communities of Cheatham Place and Andrew Jackson Courts.

The rowhouse appearance, clustered two-story houses were constructed for African American residents. The 398 unit buildings cost $1,890,000. They remain in use today.

Project Details

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Source notes

Leighninger, R. D. (2007). Long-Range Public Investment: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal. University of South Carolina Press.

Van West, C. (2001). Tennessee's New Deal Landscape: A Guidebook. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press.

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Location Info

1457 Jackson Street
Nashville, TN 37208

Coordinates: 36.167269, -86.800203

One comment on “Andrew Jackson Courts – Nashville TN

  1. Dravidi Pasha

    It really should have been named Dr. W.E.B Dubois and not Andrew Jackson! Dr. Dubois actually graduated from Fisk College right across the street. He was an activist, book author, philanthropist, and help started the NAACP for us African-Americans. President Jackson on the other hand owned slaves and removed the Native Peoples. There shouldn’t be any residential communities that were designed for blacks named after Andrew Jackson; that is just ludicrous…

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